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Extend the life of your roof with our maintenance plans and inspections.

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At every service visit, your NIR Certified Roof Care Specialist® will perform a 27-point inspection of your commercial flat roof to ensure your immediate issue is resolved and other issues are mitigated.

If your request is more immediate, you can call our service office at 1-800-221-7663.

“Your Roof’s Care is Our Concern’ is what NIR is all about. We work for you. We take care of your roof, keeping it viable as long as possible. When the time comes to replace your roof, we will give you the best value along with a new Roof Care Plan to care for your new roof.

We will always take good care of your roof. We know that when we do just that, we are taking good care of you! You are the reason NIR is in business and we want you to know we will always put your money to its best use.”

Timothy K. Lynn
President & Chief Executive Officer of NIR Roof Care, Inc.


11317 Smith Dr, Huntley, IL 60142, United States