Our Founder

Timothy K. Lynn, President & Chief Executive Officer

About our Founder

Timothy K. Lynn founded Northern Illinois Roofing in 1980. His vision: building and growing an honest company that provided real solutions to its clients. He worked intently to not only develop his list of clientele, but to create an environment that gave NIR employees opportunities to lead successful careers.

In 1988, Timothy used his 25 years in roofing and an entrepreneurial spirit to initiate the NIR RoofTop Maintenance Program®. The company amended its name to National International Roofing. Thus began the dream of expanding across the country.  The Program focused on helping building owners realize that preventative maintenance prolongs the life of their roof.  By choosing this simple program, owners would be able to delay replacement and reinvest their savings back into their companies.

Leading the Industry


In 2014, Timothy amended the name to NIR Roof Care, Inc®. because he wanted to reflect the company’s caring nature. Over the past 26 years, the NIR RoofTop Maintenance Program® has evolved into the NIR Roof Care Plan®. The new NIR Roof Care Plan® reduces leaks by 50% and doubles the life of a roof. He also designed 5 different plan levels to fit any company’s budget.

Today, NIR is a consistent leader in the commercial roofing industry. We hold true to those original ideals: working for the building owner’s best interests, and providing outstanding services.

NIR currently cares for roofs across the Midwest and Alabama regions.  Our programs are saving owners thousands to millions of dollars by only replacing the roof when it is absolutely necessary.

Today, NIR is a leader in the commercial roofing industry by holding true to Timothy’s original ideas. We keep customer’s needs front and center to provide the best roof care possible.


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